Repost Bronxville Democratic Committee officially endorses Tara Conte, only Democrat running for Eastchester Town Board Nov. 03 2020

Jennifer Nelsen Colao
Bronxville Democratic Committee
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Dear Neighbor,

We are asking for your vote for Natasha Nordahl on Tuesday, September 15.

Natasha is more than qualified, is an active Bronxville community member, and will bring a fresh perspective to the Village Court. This is the right time for Natasha to become Bronxville’s new Village Justice.

A graduate of Duke University and Brooklyn Law School, Natasha has spent twenty-five years representing corporations and individuals in New York State Courts. She is intimately familiar with New York State courtroom practice and procedure. She is a member of the Judicial Selection Committee which evaluates the fitness of retired New York Supreme Court Judges to serve as Judicial Hearing Officers. Having left private practice just a few years ago, she is an active volunteer assisting low income litigants each week in the Supreme Court, Westchester County, an effort she was able to continue remotely during the pandemic. She has also served as a fee dispute arbitrator for the 9th Judicial District.

Natasha has lived in Bronxville for eighteen years and, with her husband, has brought up three children here. She is a member of the Village Planning Board, and has been Secretary to the Bronxville Middle School Council as well as a member of the board of the Friends of the Bronxville Public Library.

You may have received a letter from Bronxville Mayor Mary Marvin supporting Village Justice George Mayer for yet another term. While change can be difficult to accept, it must come. Fortunately, structures are in place for a smooth transition. New Village Justices attend a one-week training program to become familiar with the unique details of Village courtroom law and practices before starting their duties. The recent changes to New York State judicial law are new for all judges, not just those who are newly-elected. In addition, through her work on the Judicial Selection Committee, Natasha is well acquainted with many judges who would be more than happy to provide guidance and advice.

The Mayor’s letter points out that Village Justice William Primps “has served with distinction by all measures for the past two years.” By now, two and one-half years after he was elected, he should be ready to become the Senior Justice. The Village is also fortunate in having highly competent and award-winning courtroom staff and solid procedures in place to assure continuity.

This is the ideal time to move forward with a new Village Justice, Natasha Nordahl, who will bring to the job the skills, experience, and commitment to the Bronxville community that we need. As you may recall, Natasha was endorsed by many members of our community in a letter to

MyHometown Bronxville which is provided below:

MyHometown Bronxville Endorsement Letter

Please vote for Natasha Nordahl for Village Justice on Tuesday, September 15th. In person will take place at Village Hall, Christ Church and the Fire station.

Jennifer Colao, Chair

Betsy Harding, Chair Emeritus

Bronxville Village Democratic Committee

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